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Dear Customer, thank you ! In 2014, in the middle of the financial crisis in Cyprus, we had the idea of opening a tavern with the objective to make the difference. We opened in Pafos, not by the beach, in the hard of the town, on a crossroad where all residents of Pafos and metropolitan area pass more than once a day. In front of one of the oldest schools of the town, the Kykkos Lyceum, and we offer a cuisine that has been characterized by food experts as soul food.

We follow a policy of “we cook and you enjoy”, we give all our soul and heart in what we do. After a year and half of operation we want a huge thanks to you who came once and liked our food and came back again and again, to you who came once and want to come back, to you never came but you want to come and taste our original recipes.

Our menu … well our menu is not the conventional menu you may find in other places, we write nothing down on a paper or screen, we built our daily meze based only on the seasonality of the products and on the imagination of the Chef that day.

Food is an inspiration and we aspire to please demanding palates like yours. Thank you for trusting us.
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