Gluten Free let us know

Gluten which is the protein found in wheat, rye and barley, causes some people a good deal of discomfort, often preventing them from fully enjoying an evening out at a restaurant. Unless one knows and trusts the Chef, dining out can turn an evening of gastro-delight into the absolute reverse. This is why we offer Lengo customers delicious gluten free dishes which they can trust. We invite those who do have intolerance to gluten to please contact us a day before dining so we can prepare the very best dishes to delight the taste buds.

Vegetarian join us

Here at Lengo we source all our ingredients locally thus supporting our organic farmers, we take great pride in the quality variety, and freshness of our vegetables. Non meat dishes are always part of our menu as they are a delight to prepare, and those customers who wish to enhance their vegetarian dining experience at Lengo only have to call ahead to let us know their preferences.

Home Cooking and Catering we come to you

It’s a lovely gesture to be able to entertain friends and family in one’s own home or within work premises, the down side however is the preparation, presentation, and sheer hard work that go into being the ‘hostess with the mostest. Lengo will make all that stress and strain disappear as they know from experience how to cater perfectly for almost any private event. The guarantee will be that the host and hostess will be on the receiving end of unanimous and enthusiastic accolades from all of their guests.

Theme Nights tastes of the world

A Chef can be compared to a professional musician, one who creates a variety of musical delights to suit different tastes. Lengo offers a similar culinary comparison with their popular ‘Theme Nights’ as Chef can ‘Rock’ guests taste buds with Arabic dishes; he can go ‘Classical’ with his sensational piscatorial themed nights where fish is king. Then there is always a soaring ‘Operatic’ performance in the delicious form of Spanish Paella night. These evenings are both Music to ones ears, with always truly delicious ‘notes’ on the palette. Check our Event Calendar and join the experience.

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